I have had the opportunity to work on various music videos, bringing my diverse set of skills and expertise to the table. In particular, I have played a crucial role in directing these projects, ensuring that they adhere to the artistic vision and concept of the music and its associated brand.

In addition to my role as a director, I have also contributed significantly to the post-production process, utilizing my extensive knowledge of After Effects compositing techniques to bring the videos to life. This has included seamlessly integrating live-action footage with motion graphics and other visual effects, helping to create a cohesive and visually stunning final product.

As a seasoned Photoshop expert, I have also been responsible for creating and developing custom assets for these music videos, including logos, typography, and other design elements. This has involved working closely with the creative team to ensure that these assets align with the overall aesthetic of the project.

Overall, my experience working on these music videos has allowed me to showcase my broad range of creative skills and to contribute to some truly exciting and super fun projects.

Artist – Milosh | Pfisterer
Directed by – Jai Johnson
Post Production – Nial MacFayden

Artist – Golden Dogs
Director – Steven Scott
Post Production – Jai Johnson

Artist – Bruce Cockburn
Director – Alan Smithy
Post Production – Jai Johnson